Attract customers with the Lead Magnet

By now, you’ll know that posting a consistent Call to Action helps you catch visitors and build relationships with your Leads like no other hook. Next, you will see why the Lead Magnet is not a fashionable term but an incentive so that your Subscriber List does not stop growing.

The advice that supports Permission Marketing is reiterated; a term coined by Seth Goding almost 15 years ago in his book “Permission Marketing” as the best technique to generate leads with consent. The power of an online strategy is unfailingly in the Subscriber Lists, but for this you must request permission from the prospect before sending an Email Marketing Campaign.

Of course, for users to subscribe to your List, you must first give a reason … with ample value! Perhaps you have sent several Email Campaigns saying, “Sign up for the Webinar” or you have put a CTA on your Site that says, “Sign up for the Newsletter” and you have not noticed big changes in the volume of Subscribers.

Unfortunately, it is no longer enough to offer what everyone offers or communicate it as everyone communicates it. For that empowerment to reside on your List, you must develop your own incentive, an incentive for great actions. Next, Making Experience will explain what a “Lead Magnet” is and how to give your leads pleasure and pleasure by of becoming part of your Database.

What is (and what is not) the Lead Magnet?

Do you choose carefully which Lists you want to subscribe to, which sites to leave your Email and in exchange for what? You are not the only one! The prospects you are looking to attract do not know you, do not know anything about you and may not trust your words.

Confidence to capture leads is cultivated with content, a key element to attract attention, show that you know what you are talking about and increase your brand positioning.

The Lead Magnet, or contact magnet is synonymous with any gift or free content you give your prospects to be subscribing to your list of Email Marketing and become part of your database. It is that free online material that usually appears on blogs or sites in the form of a downloadable resource, capable of convincing a visitor to provide at least their Email.

Now, maybe you got too excited and think that any Call to Action is a customer magnet … but the truth is that it is not.

Real More:

A clear example of what a Lead Magnet is the eBook that Making Experience has on its Blog: a Marketing and Sales Plan for small and medium-sized businesses that can be downloaded online for free in exchange for an Email.

Now that you understand why your Subscriber List is not growing, maybe it is time to start providing something of value and make them feel well cared for such as a discount, a coupon, an eBook, a video or a training. For more and more leads to be part of your Database, you must provide a well-magnetized reason!

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin

The Lead Magnet can also be defined as a gift of high value and impact to get contacts. In metaphorical terms, the magnet could very well be a candy that your dream customer or Buyer Persona would like to try. For more and more leads to leave their email, you must do an attractive offer that they cannot resist!

We know that engaging your prospects to make them feel attracted is not an easy task. But putting yourself in their shoes is a good mechanism to build relationships of trust between your brand and the potential client, providing useful content will encourage more sales.

Why Lead Magnet is the Lead Generation Turbo

Lead Magnets have a reason for being anchored to Inbound Marketing: More than pushing the prospect to buy impulsively, each magnetic message seeks to attract and guide them through the entire funnel of the Sales Funnel. until they are convinced at the end of the road.

Unifying your Inbound Marketing strategies with Automation and putting them correctly in Email Marketing through Lead Magnets issued with autoresponders allows you to convert a List of prospects into real customers, increasing your sales and income. Do not despair with the new terms, you have everything to achieve it!

With the advice of Making Experience, you can make a List receive follow-up Emails as it has received Campaigns with that content magnet. Thus, you will begin to receive your personalized Emails and sent from Autoresponders that refer to the gift obtained and allow you to finally make a more consistent product offer with a better reception.

Remember that in Email Marketing the basic principle is that the cash register becomes a subscriber box, that is, a unique chance for your client to leave anonymity and give you their email address. For this you must give it a reason, a hook, a magnetic feeling that is the turbo of your Campaign.

A Lead Magnet multiplies the subscription rates and generates qualified leads because they are supposed to look for quality content in you. Well says Clay Collins from Lead Pages:

“There is no relationship between the effort required to create a Lead Magnet and the results you achieve.”

Strategies for choosing clients.

Understanding the process that a user goes through until choosing a product will help you find your target market and design segmented actions according to them. This post will suit you perfectly to find out what they are, what they consist of and how to communicate based on the stages of the Buyer Journey.

Do you know for sure who you direct each of your content to? If you are part of the camp that claims to take the time to segment its database and classify leads but then ends up dominated by hurried times and sends the same Email Marketing Campaign to everyone, we must inform you that you have failed the Inbound Marketing course and you will not arrive to the mind or the heart of your Buyer Persona.

3 Ordinances to choose customers who care about you.

Look for clients who are compatible with your company: Don’t make the common mistake of going out to catch big fish! It will be useless to blind yourself to robust brands that do not match the values ​​and objectives of yours.

More than looking for heavyweights, launch yourself to conquer leads who want to marry what you propose, and you will see how empathy becomes the hook to enhance your engagement.

Select projects that will lead you to stardom: Go ahead and propose creative actions and you will see how everything you propose becomes a memorable painting! Put aside the actions already tested and performed by your competition, you will be boring and uninteresting. Try to project on customers who are committed to innovation. First choose a segment to reach and your renewing gunpowder will make the brand stand out like a catapult on its own.

Bet on a stable more than variable bond: The security in the relationship with your potential clients will make them trust your brand and bet on a long-term project, allowing the economic growth of your company. Look for users who know what they want or need, and if you detect leads that are still looking for a provider for their service, venture to be their star advisor!

Stages to analyse the Buyer Journey, segment and provide concrete proposals.

Studying the Buying Process of the potential clients you have chosen and want to reach will be the key to offering what they really need and giving it to them to earn their trust.

Using Big Data and the large amount of information that leads leave scattered in the online universe will allow you to win customers by offering a proposal or personalized content.

Do you wonder what the Buyer Journey consists of? In that same! It is an Online Marketing model that focuses on analysing and understanding a customer’s purchase decision process.

This guide associated with choosing a specific product consists of three stages that Making Experience will explain to you following a hypothetical example: the need for a new place to live.

Awareness and discovery phase:

At this stage the client realizes that there is a potential problem or opportunity to which he must pay attention. For example, a person must go to another property and without having very defined the situation, he seeks information to identify the real estate circuit in which he is immersed.

In general, this stage is characterized by a need that seeks an answer, and you must be the one to offer a proposal. The customer will want neutral information, such as guides, reports, or expert advice, that is not focused on any one product or brand.

Consideration phase:

The user is already aware that he has a need, the rental contract ends, and that the solution is to renew his loan, rent another apartment or buy a house. The next step is to detect the options that the market has for him.

What content will you do in this phase so that the user considers your real estate service in blue world city Islamabad among their options? Continuing with the previous assumption, you can offer:

eBooks and whitepapers: Content showing progress in construction, new living habits, and aesthetic trends. Example: “Discovering the evolution of Building buildings in the last 10 years”.

Testimonials: One tactic that Making Experience does not fail is to use testimonials in your proposal. Showing the experience and opinion of other tenants or owners will be a good way for the client to take you into account and why not, end up choosing you.

Remember that the client has clearly defined what the problem is, so you must focus on being its solution. If in this phase of consideration, he is investigating all the potential options, you must show yourself as the means to be able to reach the most convenient service in quality and price.

Decision phase:

The user has already seen the best options in the real estate market to cover their need for a place to live. To help you in this stage, create content that helps you choose the best option, and thus close the cycle of your purchase.

For example, you can offer him a discount for prepayment or show him the place not only by photos but in person so that he can imagine living there and this helps him determine that your offer is correct.

Or you can offer your potential client to subscribe to your newsletter so that they receive in an Email Marketing Campaign all the news, offers, exclusive discounts only for Subscribers and all Tips from the real estate sector including Tajarat properties.

If you manage to create content for each of the stages of the purchase process, Congratulations! It is not an easy task that you will have achieved, and you will be getting the user to see you as a maximum reference.

Remember that the process will not end when the user buys one of your properties or hires your rental service; that’s where your efforts will begin to make him fall in love and transform him into a promoter of your brand!

So far, Making Experience showed you the rules to choose your customers and how to address them by segmenting according to the phase of the Buying Process in which they are.

Remember that the key will always be in the personalization of the content. If you can’t be the best, choose to be different!

Paying attention to the Buyer Journey is very important to know what your leads need, offer it to them and monitor to evaluate if it has worked or if you should improve something in your service. If you have gone through the discovery, consideration and decision stages together with your potential clients, you will have the ability to break into that process by offering the best solution.

The key to the Buying Process will be not to neglect any of the 3 stages and show presence in each of them, without freeing your lead to good luck, but accompanying him hand in hand at all times. Listen to him and take the opportunity to make him choose you as the outstanding choice!