Choosing the best flooring for your home will make your space look beautiful and give a new look to your home. The type of flooring available in the market will depend on the need of the individual or family. So, the type of flooring that you choose will reflect your personality and mood.

If you are planning to renovate your home or if you are buying your dream house then you need to take care of the various aspects that come along with the type of floor. Some people may not know the difference between vinyl, tile, and laminate flooring. So, if you want to buy the best floor for your house then you must be aware of the difference and choose accordingly.

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Choosing the perfect type of flooring is one of the toughest decisions you have to make. Choosing the right flooring for your home is no child’s play. There are various types of flooring available in the market like laminate, ceramic tile, parquet, etc.

If you are looking to renovate your home, then there are a number of advantages to choosing the right type of flooring. Let’s have a look at these benefits.

1. Vinyl Flooring:

Vinyl flooring is the most popular choice for people in their houses. It is a tough and durable material and easy to install. You can buy the flooring from any store and it will be delivered to you. The only problem is that the lifespan of the flooring is short compared to others. You can keep it for at least five years but if you have a pet then it may damage the flooring in two years.

2. Laminate Flooring:

This type of flooring is made up of wood and resin. The flooring is easy to maintain and can be cleaned by just mopping it. The longevity of the floor is around 25 to 30 years. The only drawback is that it is very slippery and when you walk on it, the sound will be heard loudly.

3. Tile Flooring

It is a combination of ceramic and concrete. If you are thinking of choosing the floor for your bathroom or kitchen then you should choose this one. It is highly resistant to heat and you can clean it easily with water. The tiles are also very heavy so you cannot use it for flooring in your bedroom.

4. Hardwood Flooring

If you are looking for a durable and elegant floor then you should go for hardwood flooring. The lifespan of this floor is 50 to 100 years and you can use it for at least 12 years. Hardwood flooring is also easy to maintain and you can polish it. The only problem is that you will have to pay a hefty price for the flooring.


All these floors can be used for commercial and residential purposes. The only thing is that if you have pets or children then you should avoid using vinyl and laminate flooring.

Now that you know about the various types of flooring, it will be very easy for you to make the right decision. You can go to our website to know more about the flooring






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