How to Get a Guy Like You More – Best Tricks

In this modern-day and age getting a guy to like you has become a very hard task, there are thousands of girls competing with you, but to get your prince charming to like you more, we have the perfects tips and tricks. So let’s answer your question “how to get a guy like you more”

This is a short and concise article about how to get a guy like you more if you want to know more you can check out our comprehensive article about “How to make him want you”. let’s get back to our tips and tricks.

How to Get a Guy Like You More

  1. Talk About His Passion

If your man is a sports lover, then it is best to recommend for you to get your sporting boots on because it’s going to change your whole world. If you show interest in your man’s passion, then you will come close to him. He will spend extra time with you making him like you more.

 It’s not restricted to sports your partner could have any passion, and when you show your interest in his passion he won’t be able to stop talking to you.

How to Get a Guy Like You More
  • Tell him what you love about him

It’s either his dressing sense or style, his perfume collection, or his character. You should tell your man that these are the things that you love about him, this will make him feel more comfortable around you, your partner will surely apprentice some compliments.

This is a part of human nature, when someone compliments you, you feel like a special person, so that’s the goal you need to show your partner that he is special to you and means the world to you.

  • Flirt

There is a general misconception that you don’t need to flirt when you are in a committed relationship, but in fact, it is quite opposite. You do need to flirt, and to be very honest you need to flirt occasionally. If you are not committed to any and you are trying to impress a guy, then flirting becomes a must.

How can a guy tell if you are interested in him if you are not going to flirt with him? If you feel afraid, then think of this, it’s your prince charming, if you don’t flirt with him someone else is going to do. You can lose your perfect man If you are not brave enough.

  • Body language

This point is quite underrated, but if you ask us, we will tell you its importance. Strong body language will indicate your loyalty and your affection, if you hold his hand in public then it will send such positive vibes and your man will feel like a king.

You need to show your confidence towards your partner.

  • Dressing Up

There is no better way to make a guy like you more other than dressing up, looking cute will do wonders for you. your man will differently give more attention once you start dressing up. Flirting and body language will work to a certain extent but dressing up and looking cute will help you in more ways than you can imagine.

  • Give your man some space

You should always give your man some space, some alone time is very important for any person. If you give your partner some self-time he will respect you and love you more because of your understanding of him


In this article we gave you six tips on how to get a guy to like you more, if you want a detailed and comprehensive version of this article then we highly recommend you checking  “How to make him want you”.