Muhammad V airport Casablanca

Introduction to Muhammad V airport

The international airport serving Casablanca airport is Muhammad V international airport located in province Nouaceur, operated by Onda(national airport’s office).In 2014 just 8 million passengers passed, and it became the busiest airport in Morocco and the 4th one in Africa. For Royal Air Maroc and Royal Air Maroc Express, it was served as a hub. Following the operation torch in world war 2, it was originally built by the united states in 1943 served as an ancillary airfield for Casablanca’s Anfa airport, and it was named Berrechid Airfield.

After that, it was handed to the civil government and was renamed Nouasseur Air Base.

How to check-in Muhammad V airport : 

Passengers should Check-in before 3 hours of departure. You can check-in online from your home if you have the option of web check-in; if You don’t have That option, you should check in as soon as the open the boarding pass to avoid a long queue; if you do not report in time, the airline will deny your boarding.

Luggage Allowance:

Usually, the limit range is from 20 to 32 kg. Airlines don’t accept luggage weighing more than 32 kg. A hand carry is allowed 7 to 12 kg depending on the class and route. If you have an excess of weight, you can check in with the airplane if they have the provision to charge a lower rate.


If you want a seat of your choice, you have to pay a small nominal amount.

Most of the airlines have, and most don’t have this service, and it can be done 24 hours before the flight. If u do it during the counter check-in, the seat will not be guaranteed.

Services at Casablanca airport:

There is free Wi-Fi at The airport for a 30-minute session.

The emergency medical unit is open 24/7

If You use anything at the airport, You can check at the information desk.

The smoking area is available at different terminals. There are 30 hotel rooms available in terminal 2.Prayer rooms are located in the public hall at both terminals.

Many other services like renting a wheelchair, currency exchange, banking facilities, duty-free outlets, tourism office for information are available.

ATMs can be found at both the terminals, and you should exchange your money before departure as the money can’t t be traded outside the country.

You can find Fashion items there and stuff like crafts and arts to buy.

There would be The Porters to help you with your luggage, for your luggage e-safety you can use the laminating machines and in case if you lost your luggage somewhere at the airport the ‘Litigious luggage’ service will help you out.

If you have a disabled passenger with you, you have to inform the airline to arrange wheelchair service for you, and wheelchair services are provided in between the airplane to the terminal area.

In front of both terminals, there will be parking for about 1000 cars having short and long terms fares.

Transport services in Casablanca airport : 

Public transport:

There are 24 hours of taxi transport, and it’s better if you talk about the fare and agree about it before getting in the taxi.

Train service: 

It is located at level 1 and operates from 02h56 to 21h56 every hour. Traveling by Taxi is the easiest and fastest way to get to the city.


  • 1st terminal have pearl lounge that has Air conditioning .children’s play area, conference rooms, games rooms, work station, etc. and the service is for 24 hours
  • Terminal 1 have Royal Air Marroc the Casablanca lounge open for 24 hours have premium food, Wi-Fi, TV, etc
  • Terminal 2 has a Royal air Marroc ale Zenith 1 lounge, which is also available for 24 hours and the services are the same as terminal 1.
  • The Royal Marroc Le zenith also serves premium food, snacks, Wi-Fi, etc

Best airlines at Casablanca.

Air Arabia Marroc (30)14 destinations: 

TUI Fly (TB)7 destinations

Transavia (T0)2 destinations

Air Algeria (AH)

Saudi Arabian (SV)2 destinations

Fast track meet:  

For avoiding the queue and to pass the security control, you can use the fast track meet. You can save your time and avoid stress by using fast track service because it can get u through the security in few minutes And you will have more time to shop and do another thing before your flight. The fast track of Casablanca is available for arriving and connecting flights as well.

Recent updates:

As you know there are two terminals at the airport the 1st is now these days Under renovations so the airport is crowded these days and there is a problem regarding cleanliness as there is a report about the Bathrooms facilities And there is a problem about the staff also as they could not understand English, Arab properly, so it’s hard to Communicate.

There is Free Wi-Fifor 30 minutes, and only round pin plugs are accepted.

There is a lot of shopping and eating places throughout the terminals, but the prizes are very high, and all the closed are closed at 10 pm.

U will be provided with a hotel for a transit period if u have a connecting flight with a reservation that is not available for 24 hours.

The smoking area is are open these days.

Overnight sleepers:

There is a Full security accommodation for Overnight sleepers and terminal 2, which is considered safe .to avoid the eyeshades for light, a thin sheet or sleeping bag is recommended and earplugs for avoiding noise.

Inside terminal 2, there is a transit hotel if you want to sleep ling without any disturbance.

Things to do if you have a layover

If you have 3 hours before your connecting flight, don’t waste it by sitting there, the best place to visit is Bouskoura and California as it is near and a-lots of fancy houses with the greenery of gardens. Just grab something to eat and check out the small malls over there.

And if you have more time, like 5 to 6 hours, to farther to Casablanca and see the beauty of the city you can take a train there.

The Stalls:

There are stalls of traditional things like handmade shirts, garments leathers, and a-lots more. Try their traditional fast food and just enjoy the time.

Visit new Medina, have a look at a beautiful building, a mixture of European and morocco architecture doors and stairs.

Go to Casa resort station to catch a train back to the airport.

If you have more time, like 8 to 9 hours you can for to parc de la Ligue and enjoy the view of nature, there is a catholic church built in the 1930s which have a very stunning colored glass. After that, you can get to the Hassan mosque, which is the largest mosque in Africa.


Casablanca’s airport is the busiest and the beautiful airport in Africa, which serves many airlines. When you visit Morocco, you will see the beauty of this airport with your own eyes.